At the Yoga Atelier we offer weekly yoga and pilates classes to suit every body. We are an English speaking yoga studio with teachers who speak and offer instruction in both English and Swiss German.

We offer the following core teaching and styles; Forrest Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Ashtanga and Hanuman Flow. We also have term time yoga classes for kids & teens. We also offer perinatal yoga workshops and courses, along with a weekly mom and baby yoga classes.

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Core Teachings

Hanuman Flow​

Hanuman Flow is strengthening yoga. It is Chantal’s unique creative sequencing that uses core, pelvic-floor and breath-work to facilitate space in the body. It can seem intense at the beginning, it is not a fast flow but rather a style that incorporates classical yoga postures and breaks them down to its core, the sequencing can entail elements of Biomechanics and other movement forms such as Pilates and Martial Arts. Most every class uses regular yoga props, sometimes we also use thera-bands and small balls.

Core Teachings

Forrest Yoga

Forrest Yoga is deep and therapeutic yoga. It was created by Ana Forrest over 40 years ago for the modern day body and mind. The Hatha based practice addresses physical and emotional challenges and focuses on what is going on inside. The style emphasizes deep + long holds in postures, core work and conscious breathing. Classes can incorporate elements of shamanic healing, it always encourages students to go deep within and to use their yoga practice as therapy.

Regular Class

Yoga + Pilates

The Monday morning yoga + pilates class is focused on core strengthening. It is perfect if you had a busy weekend and are looking to kick start your days ahead. Get your class on Monday and you are all set.

Regular Class

Teen Yoga

Our Teen Yoga is for teens and almost adulting 10-14 year olds. Yoga is a great way for children to learn how to deal with growing up. We will move through postures that build strength, balance and mobility. We take breathing moments to feel within and calm down. We finesse our team building skills and also learn how silence can be relaxing.

October Class

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa means to 'place in a special way.' Drawing from the poses in the ashtanga primary series, the Saturday vinyasa flow class is a fluid movement class to energise the body increasing fitness, strength, mobility and flexibility. Through creative sequences, learn to move organically through each pose with the breath, gaze and focus in balance.


The ashtanga series is a modern style of yoga created by K. Pattabhi Jois during the 20th century. Traditionally taught from yogi to disciple ashtanga is rooted in routine, discipline and structure. Vinyasa is opposite, a free movement style allowing body awareness and experimentation. Vinyasa allows for progression and exploration at the leisure of the student. Take ownership of your body and your yoga practice. Its all about the flow!


This vinyasa class is structured to consider the whole body, similar to ashtanga, but in a freeing fluidity that encourages self expression and mobility of the body. Vinyasa classes still combine all 8 limbs of yoga in the traditional sense but with a creative aspect open to interpretation.


This class is suitable for all fitness levels and beginners to yoga.

Regular Class

Morning Yoga

This class welcomes Moms with their toddlers and babies. It is a gentle morning flow that allows children a first glimpse into yoga and the Moms can start the day with some movement and the occasional hug from their little one. 

Special Class

Restorative Yoga

Our restorative class is where you relax and breathe. Deep (for your body) and intense (for your mind) stretching is happening in this class. The Yogi has the opportunity to find quiet, let go, and cultivate patience within the body. A little bit of Yoga Nidra (conscious deep sleep) might be added before the Savasana. Come and simply be.

Special Class

Sweet Friday

A monthly class on the last Friday of each month, this is a deep class of self-care. Release, relax, restore with a cozy candlelight evening practice. This class will start with a smooth flow and move you into relaxing and restorative postures. Think props galore! Join this class if you are looking to simply be in the moment, to balance yourself from a high-powered job, if you are an athlete or just looking for some stress-relief. Let go of mental and muscular tension, reset your brain and the mind will follow. This class is just like coming back from vacay. A luxury treatment for your soul!


Prenatal Yoga

The focus of the class is preparing the body for birth, maintaining fitness level, relieving discomfort, relaxation and connecting to baby.

Pelvic floor exercises, safe strength and mobility asanas alongside movements to assist you through birth.

Special Class

Smooth Sunday

Sunday mornings are for snoozing and for schmoozing. This sweet 75min class is what you want after rolling out of bed and before meeting up with friends and family for brunch. It is a Vinyasa style slow flow with some fun and playful moves. It is your perfect way to let go of what happened during the week/end and to refocus on your Self but still get a sweat out of it. Enough said, come and practice, step onto your mat and move into a smooth Sunday!


Yoga Fundamentals

The Yoga Fundamentals Course is designed for the Yoga Starter. Its intention is to prepare the student to walk into a yoga class and be able to practice with awareness and a basic knowledge of what a yoga class entails and how to approach it for one’s own body. 

You will learn the structure of fundamental yoga postures before embarking on a class “trying out” the postures you have just been introduced to. The practice is followed by a seated relaxation with focus on some simple breathing techniques. This course is a great entry to starting a weekly yoga practice. You will learn essential postures, how to use yoga props and how to start moving with your breath.


Mom and Babe

Come to YOGA with your new bundle of life. Designed to support you to reclaim your body. Reconnect to yourself in your (new) role as a mom and allow yourself some time and space to breathe. It offers breathing, strengthening and relaxation tools to adjust to your new chapter of life and is a great opportunity for you to connect to your baby, your Self and other moms. The classes are intended primarily for the mom, we will however have some special segments to connect and engage with your baby.

This course is also suitable for pregnant women!

We welcome moms who are at least 6 weeks post-delivery and whose infants are not yet crawling Bring an open heart, and a whole lot of humor.