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​Chantal is a professional yoga + movement teacher in Switzerland. She is the founder of the Yoga Atelier in Thalwil, the community lead of hanuman shala and creator of her unique style Hanuman Flow.


She was born in Zurich, raised in the Swiss Mountains and grew up in New York City. She began her love affair with yoga before birth, as her mother started labor while at yoga. Chantal took her earliest yoga class at age 5. However, it wasn’t until years later in her early 20s when she felt lost in the madness of New York City that she made yoga a daily ritual. Now it’s an essential part of her life. Through and with the practice and the teaching of yoga she has found peace within. Having struggled with depression and not feeling good enough she says; “Yoga makes me understand, it makes me breathe, and it makes me grow.”

Chantal has taught in Tokyo, Paris, London, New York, Milan, Hamburg, Berlin, Ljubliana and all over Switzerland. She primarily teaches in English and sometimes in Swiss-German. She holds regular classes at her Yoga Atelier in Thalwil. Every now and then she teaches in Zurich supporting a Charity Fundraiser Event or in Lucerne teaching a Hanuman Flow Special. Occasionally, you can also find her teaching surrounded by the beautiful Swiss Mountains in Davos! She holds a few select workshops around Europe. 

“You can expect – a dynamic, safe and playful way to move your body into peace. My life without yoga would simply not be. Yoga helps me breathe and move through life with balance. I look forward to have you on the mat with me!”

Love + Yoga

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“I believe animals are our best teachers of movement.” Observing their poise, their grace, they are everlasting. They own their balance, strength, and flexibility. “To achieve pain-free movement one has to change with the elements; listen to what your body has to tell your mind, and see what your soul wants to touch. Feel the story you are about to breathe.”

The call of a wolf or the cry of a raven.

The soothing sound of an elephant, or the majestic power of a horse.

The compact shape of a turtle.

The quaint symmetry of an eagle.

The bull’s heavy and steadfast demeanor.

The quick and lively dance of a lizard.


“The movements of animals are graceful, portraying force and a perfect poise. Their soul is present inside their body, not forgotten by the mind. Humans can learn a lot from animals by observing their movement and by admiring their use of the body—to consider the human body as a complex puzzle, just as the animal’s. Yet, most human bodies are disconnected from the Earth. The mind is trapped in the head and the feet are pulled by gravity. Vehicles and furniture mold the human body into an unchangeable shape. All my teachers have always taught me to connect to the land, the ground, and our Earth. It’s where home is!”


Started taking yoga as an elective during college in Brooklyn, USA whilst studying Neuro/Linguistics.


Found her way to Broome St. Temple in Soho for Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with Eddie Stern.



Started practicing Bikram Yoga and Forrest Yoga.


Completed first Yoga Teacher Training and started teaching.


Moved to Paris, France. After a severe accident, met Tim Miller who introduced her to Yoga Therapeutics in the Ashtanga Method.


Completed the Foundational + Advanced Forrest Yoga Teacher Training with Ana Forrest.


Completed Yin and Restorative work with Heather Tiddens. 
Completed Kids Yoga Training.

Moved back to Zurich, Switzerland. Introduced Forrest Yoga to Zurich and Switzerland.


Developed her unique style Hanuman Flow.
Completed Perintal Yoga Training.


Opens Yoga Atelier in Thalwil, Switzerland.


Started studying Ayurveda in New Mexico, USA


Completed Primary & Intermediate Series Training with Tim Miller.


Started studying 

Pilates in Zurich, 



Ana Forrest and Chantal Hause

Ana Forrest

“Chantal is a gifted Forrest Yoga teacher. She holds a beautiful balance between being grounded & mysterious.

Jose & I love when Chantal assists us. Her attention to detail is impeccable. Chantal’s healing touch is comforting & informative. Working with her is like a big breath of mountain washed air.”

Tim Miller and Chantal Hauser

Tim Miller

“Sthira Sukham Asanam! Your asana is supposed to be steady and comfortable.’ Tim used to say by quoting Patanjali’s Sutras – ‘If you are in this for the long run, you want your practice to be sustainable.”


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