Chantal Hauser

Chantal has been teaching yoga and movement for the past 10 years and is renowned for her unique style Hanuman Flow. Her yoga background and teachings are deeply influenced and shaped by Tim Miller and Ana Forrest. She has extensive training in Ashtanga and Forrest Yoga as well as Perinatal, Kids and Yoga Therapeutics.


“Yoga makes me understand, it makes me breathe, and it makes me grow.”


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Yoga & Movement Teacher


Pascale Landolt

Pascale completed her 200hr Vinyasa Training in 2015 and shortly after that she learned about Yin Yoga from Josh Summers. During that time she coincidentally found herself in one of Chantal‘s Forrest Yoga workshops and fell in love with the Forrest practice. Soon thereafter she was completely hooked and finished her Forrest Yoga Teacher Training with Ana in 2017 and has become a trusted co-teacher of Chantal's ever since. 

"My fascination for the body and how yoga works keeps growing and makes me want to know more and more. Yoga allows me to get stronger and overcome bad habits. Now, I could never imagine a life without yoga!" 

Yoga Teacher

Milo Davis

I am a Labrador Retriever puppy and a beginner yogi. I am great with kids and love to hang out at the Yoga Atelier. I am still learning a lot. Please don’t give me too much attention when you come in because it makes me very excited and then I want to be next to you for the whole time. However, after class you are welcome to give me lots of cuddles and maybe even a treat!


Yoga Atelier Puppy


Deborah Sutter


Deborah has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and teaching for 5 years. Her first training was in traditional Hatha in 2013. A year later Deborah completed her 300 training. She considers Julie Martin, Emil Wendel, Dr. med. Rhys Beynon, Anna Ashby and Chris Swain very influential in her teaching and teacher education. 


Deborah works very closely with Julie and Brahmani Yoga, assisting and teaching for her trainings and workshops and has found a close mentor in Kiran Trace. 


"Kiran Trace has been my teacher and mentor for the past 3 years. She showed me what it means to be liberated and recover from all the deeply impressed belief systems. And how to be free, free for life."​​​

Yoga Teacher


Carla Schneeberger

Carla discovered her passion for yoga with sweet 16 in her very first yoga class. Since then she cannot imagine life without yoga. Carla says that her practice helps her to create balance and gives her energy and freedom. Yoga doesn't only happen on the mat for Carla, she says; Yoga is a tool to facilitate grounding, find a positive outlook on life and to maintain harmony. 


She has completed her first 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in March 2019, with Everett Newell in Bali. 


“My dedication and excitement for yoga has only just started and I cannot wait to meet you on the mat!” 

Yoga Teacher



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