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with Chantal

Chantal Hauser Private Yoga Thalwil

“My aim as a yoga and movement teacher is for you to be able to carve out time for yourself and by taking some ‘you-time’, you are getting to know a deeper layer of yourself on the mat. Essentially, your practice will hone a path for you to find peace within through the movement on the outside. You then can take that newfound insight off the mat and into the practice of ‘life’ to then further find strength, calm and balance all through your own movement and breath.”

Focus on YOU for 60+ minutes! Take time for yourself and your practice with the guidance of an experienced and long term teacher. 

Chantal has been specializing in Private Yoga Sessions and Yoga Therapeutics for the past 4 years. Book your Private Session at the Yoga Atelier or for your offices. 

Her clients seek Chantal out specifically for Stress Management, Injury Rehabilitation, Perinatal Time and/or Teacher Education.
During your first session (60-75min) we will put together a bespoke course for you! 

Get in touch with Chantal by email 

or by phone +41 (0) 79 934 3721 

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