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The following is your YOGA ATELIER’s measures to keep you and us safe during Covid-19 times and beyond! Our doors are slowly opening up again since June 8th, 2020 after a few weeks of mandatory lockdown by the Swiss Government.


  • Upon entry please wash + disinfect your hands with the provided disinfectant

  • The door handles of the front entrance door, the atelier door, and the bathroom door handles will be cleaned and disinfected by the Atelier’s teacher in charge every time before and after class

  • As well as all other obvious surfaces that have been touched / used before, during and after class

  • If possible, please appear already in sportswear whenever possible to class. You can wear socks if you want and we also have masks and gloves available.

Yoga Equipment / Mats / Blocks etc.

  • You are able to bring your own equipment to the class, if you however choose to use the Atelier’s props, know that they are washed on a regular basis (bolster and blanket, sandbag covers) as well as disinfectant after each class (mats, blocks, straps, and any other small props).

  • GOOD TO KNOW: You can always use a complimentary sweat towel and use it over your blocks, bolsters, blankets!

  • Plus, know that our eye pillows always come with a freshly washed cover, so if you choose to use an eye pillow it is always fresh and clean!

Attendance List & Registration Forms

  • If you are new to the studio or have not previously filled out one of our Registration Forms, please do so on your next visit.

  • A list of attendance is kept by the YOGA ATELIER for each class / event. In case of an infection, you will be informed immediately and also inform us.

  • General Rules / Responsibility Social Distancing rules between Yogis should be upheld.

  • Yoga Assisting are allowed if the participant wishes to receive assists from the YOGA ATELIER teacher. (Permission cards available at the front).

  • We currently do not offer, tea, water or snacks for our Yogis. BYO (bring your own.)

  • The Atelier is open 15min before the start of class for entry.

  • Obviously, if you are sick or are experience symptoms of flu, please stay home and be responsible. If you belong to the risk group, you participate at your own risk.

At time of booking, we request for all students to confirm that  neither  they  no r anyone they have bee n in close proximity to,  have any symptoms related to Covid-19 within the last 14 days.  

More information regarding Covid-19 can be found on the BAG website.

If you have questions, please contact Chantal at or 079 934 3721.


We are very excited to offer you great classes this year! Thank you for being part of our tribe! To us, YOGA is so much more than being able to do a handstand; it means community! As we are each on our own path in life, YOGA can give us that little time of freedom and space and if we sometimes walk together for a bit it makes it more fun! ....and yes, if you practice with us long enough you might be able to do a handstand! Keep practicing life! Always.

In service,


The Atelier team

and Chantal

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