Payment Options at Yoga Atelier | TWINT & Bank Transfer 

At the Yoga Atelier we aim to provide varying and flexible payment options for all our customers. 

Our website and booking systems provide options for all major credit cards however customers have requested the ability to use TWINT online as well as within the studio. 

Currently TWINT can not be integrated in our bookings systems, we are working on it. So if customers would like pay by TWINT or bank transfer please follow the following process: 

1. Book your class or event and click 'manual payments'. You will receive an email on how to pay for your event. We kindly ask payment to be sent latest 24hrs before class otherwise booking will be cancelled. Cancellations received outside our policy will be charged in full, please refer to the T&Cs.

2. For bank transfer please transfer to: 


by Chantal Hauser 

CH61 8080 8001 7198 2433 2 

Raiffeisenbank Thalwil

3. For TWINT payments

Please use 079 934 37 21 for the simplest TWINT payments.

If you use the code below, the payment is made anonymous and we do not know who paid and it includes a fee. 

If you prefer to use the code for anonymous donations, we appreciate any amount very much.


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