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Anxiety, Stress + Trauma with Leela (4-part online series)
Anxiety, Stress + Trauma with Leela (4-part online series)

Sun, Mar 07


Livestream ONLY!

Anxiety, Stress + Trauma with Leela (4-part online series)

This is a 4-part online series where you'll learn how trauma and the body are intertwined. Whether it is personal or collective; we cannot heal without the other.

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Time & Location

Mar 07, 2021, 4:30 PM – Mar 28, 2021, 6:00 PM

Livestream ONLY!

About the Event

Anxiety, Stress + Trauma 

In this four part series, you'll learn how trauma and the body are intertwined. 

Whether it's personal or collective; we cannot heal without the other - and it is a lot less complicated than you'd think. 

Together, you will look at awareness (interoception); its simplicity and its vast benefits for our nervous system. We will use movement to experience the theory behind it all and the theory to understand why we feel the way we feel when trauma gets triggered.

This course is going to be an interactive dialogue between;

1. you and your body 

2. you, Leela and the group 

Leela specialises in working with trauma in her private practice, studies the subject extensively with her mentor Kiran Trace and has done a 300 hours training with the Boston Center for Trauma and Embodiment to facilitate traumasensitive Yoga.

Part 1 Understanding trauma - what it is and how it affects us

In this first class, we'll learn about the mechanics of trauma in our system and all the different ways it is blocking us in everyday life. We will discover how seemingly small things can have huge effects on us - and use our awareness to maybe discover some of those traces within the Nervous System. We'll combine said exploration with movement, breath and lots and lots of props.

Part 2 The body and trauma - how the body stores memories

We keep it simple and interactive: In this class' real time discovery, we'll travel deeper in and may come across dense parts in our fascia or our organs. Now, it's not about digging out memories or about remembering all the traumatic things in our lives. That wouldn't be helpful at all. But together, we'll stay with the physical sensations of those denser areas in our bodies. And with awareness, we'll invite movement to start to open up said parts of the body - to any degree it is comfortable with. Learn to hear the body's signals and trust their wisdom.

Part 3 The body as key to release trauma

By now, you will have an understanding about awareness, the Nervous System and the ways trauma affects our bodies and health. It is that connection which makes the healing and releasing of trauma pretty simple - if we are embodied (awareness in the body), able to interocept and move from that place, things can shift. This is not to say that it is easy. When we embody, we come across uncomfortable things because of the connection mentioned earlier. But if we lean into awareness, into the sensations in the body, we can learn how to move through rather than spiral down into a rabbit hole. In that is a freedom you might not be able to imagine, a freedom which is to be felt in the body. Which is why this class will be a little more expansive and dynamic than the previous ones: to celebrate said freedom!

Part 4 How to be with trauma AND be free

We will take this last class to really dive into that freedom of being with the trauma instead of being it. Together we'll listen to what is going to be the truest way to experience this; it might be a deep meditation, a full restorative practise, a combination or some more movement. Together we'll anchor this practise and let it reroute our Nervous System.

The series will not be recorded. 

Limited spaces available. 

Write to us if you have any questions 


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