Detox | Yoga | Retox

4th January



Join the Yoga Atelier at the start of a new decade with some delicious English yoga workshops designed to kick start your New Year. 

Detox | Yoga | Retox on 4th January 

Start the New Year with Chantal Hauser with Detox | Yoga | Retox workshop. Delivering a twisty and sweaty two hour slow flow, focused on breath work and twists, to help remove holiday indulgence followed by a ritual building circle to start your New Year with clarity and focus. 


Self Care Workshop on 11th January


Join Deborah Sutter to explore ways of taking care of your sweet self. Nourish your self by moving, sitting still and enquiring within as part the Self Care Workshop.

Sweet Friday back on 24th January 

Sweet Friday starts again in January with our monthly restorative session with Deborah providing that much needed movement and relaxation. Join Deborah on 24th January for playful and integrated movements and let the body melt into restorative poses afterwards.

Basic Yoga Workshop on 25th January 


Focus on the fundamentals in the Yoga Atelier Basic Yoga Workshop. Learn (or revisit) basic yoga moves, learn about different styles of yoga and maybe complete your first yoga class. Also ideal for partners who haven't tried their first yoga class yet. 

Regular Yoga Group Classes 


Don't forget Yoga Atelier also offers a wide range of English group yoga classes from Forrest Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative, Ashtanga and Hanuman Flow. We offer a regular prenatal yoga workshop, weekly mom + baby yoga, and classes for teens and kids. 

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